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FS 303 6'X20' 3 Deck Horizontal

  • 6MV2 mechanism
  • Modular triple vibrator assembly
  • Adjustable stroke (size & angle)
  • Rubber back plates
  • Huck bolted construction
  • Feed box with 1/4 AR steel liners
  • Discharge lips with liners
  • Spray pipe holes/knockouts
  • Single crown designed for cloth to width through 7’wide. 8’wide has double crown or single crown
  • Tension plates with tension bolts
  • Grease lubrication for bearings
  • Oil lubricated gears
  • V-belt tension device
  • Drive guard
  • V-belt drive including screen, motor pulleys, & belts
  • Coil spring suspension is standard
  • Drive on left hand side
  • AR feed box liners
  • AR discharge lip liners
  • Decks for side tensioning panels
  • Base Frame
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